• Ordering
    CVS Procare is the sole distributor of Cystagon.

  • Letter of justification for leukocyte cystine assays
    If an insurer requires a letter of justification or statement of medical necessity for leukocyte (WBC or white blood cell) cystine assays in the diagnosis and treatment of cystinosis, we have provided boilerplate text to assist you.

  • Drug Assistance Program
    The National Organization for Rare Disorders, Inc. (NORD) administered a Cystagon Drug Assistance Program until approximately 1997. Unfortunately we are not aware of any other assistance program for Cystagon at this time.

  • Mixing and Storing Cystagon

  • Cystagon Therapy & Cystinosis

  • Overdose

  • Package Insert - Lots of info. about Cystagon

  • Pregnancy & Cystagon

  • Adverse Events

  • Dosage
    -infants/young children
    -molecular weights
    -mixing & storing

  • Cystinosis Central