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Privacy Policy

The UCSD Biochemical Genteics and Metabolomics Laboratory and the UCSD Cystinosis Determination Laboratory does not collect or maintain any personal information of website visitors. No patient-related informationis stored or uploaded.

Website Visitors
We do not actively collect any personal information about website visitors unless a visitor chooses to send an email message. The website may maintain a standard Internet web log that includes IP addresses and other information about visitors. We do not routinely review or use the information in a web log. However, if we suspect hacking, harassment, or illegal activity on the website, we may review the web logs and share them with law enforcement agencies or others to identify responsible individuals.
We may set cookies on your computer when visiting our website. Any cookies are session cookies, designed to be erased when your browser session ends. We do not otherwise use cookies to track individual activities on our website.
We do not use and do not disclose contact information about guests or users of this site We may hire third parties to help us provide services.

Access, Correction, and Data Quality
We try to maintain accurate records, and we need the assistance of data subjects to maintain complete and current records. Anyone who finds the information to be inaccurate or incomplete may submit a request for correction to the UCSDBGML Administrator.
Contact information for the UCSDBGML Administrator is at http://cystinosiscentral.org/Contact/

Complaints and Questions
Address questions or complaints about this policy to the UCSDBGML Administrator.

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Policy History
Version 1.0      03-May-2015      First Public Version

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